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Time Woodworking

Artistic expression has always been a huge passion of mine. Growing up, my dad used to hand pick antiques and restore them in our barn. I used to watch him strip, sand & stain -turning something old and worn to something new and beautiful.

I love making unique pieces that are one of a kind. Please feel free to contact via email or social media with any custom requests.

Surprised my husband on our wedding day with a handmade shot ​board with our date etched in. It ended up serving two purposes ​that night.

Now, we have a fun way to celebrate every year on our ​anniversary.

sunrise ​snow.

Early one morning we drove back home to ​Fort Collins from Breckenridge. I will never ​forget that image. The beautiful Rocky ​Mountain snow caps were catching the ​suns morning rays and shining bright ​whites and sparkling golds off the grey ​toned earth. 2021

Spring colors in the mountains of Colorado

Winter colors in the mountains of Colorado

simple peaks collection.

simple peaks ​collection


White Triangle Vector

longs ​peak ​mtn.

Mountain Range Logo

Couldn't help but to ​stare off to the West ​on my daily commute ​to Loveland ​Colorado. Longs Peak ​has a sort of magic to ​it as it catches the ​suns rays in the ​morning, and tucks ​the sun in, in the ​evening.

White Triangle Vector
White Triangle Vector
Connecticut Ct State

Connecticut winter vibes.

Growing up on the East Coast, you’re surrounded by gray tones in the winter. The trees, the skies, and the plants - all different hues of gray. The fresh snow added a beautiful touch of brightness. Blue skies were few and far between in the winter, but we always looked forward to them!

Back on the East Coast, my mom is a beekeeper. Did ​you know honeybees actually create perfect hexagonal ​cells to store their honey and raise their young?

Bees have been dying in alarming numbers across the ​US. Studies have found that beekeepers are losing ​40% of their honeybee colonies over the past year, ​largely due to pesticides. Bees are an essential part of ​the agricultural system, as they pollinate three-​quarters of all crops. Practice organic gardening, ​support organic crops.

Illustration of a Bumblebee
Pine Trees

Both love and art come in all different

colors, shapes, and sizes.

rainbow drawing doodle vector
Silhouette of a Monster

This awesome piece was a specially requested from a family member. A 7.5 ft Sasquatch to put in their yard! So fun!

Moon phases minimalist illustration

The moon is a feminine symbol, universally ​representing the rhythm of time as it ​embodies the cycle.

Ever since I was a child, I've always had a ​fascination with space. Checking out the ​stars and moon through a telescope in my ​grandparents kitchen was always favorite ​past time. I once asked my them "why is the ​moon hairy" and come to find out- it wasn't ​hairy, there was just a willow tree branch ​hanging in view of the lens.

A beautiful way to display your air plants. Accompanied with healing gem stones and a glass prism. If you set this in the sunlight, it will fill the room with rainbows.

rainbow drawing doodle vector

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Quartz, Tigers Eye, Amazonite, Aqua Chalcedony, Onyx, Citrine, Peridot..

Game Time

baby bow/accessory holders

glass  icon
glass  icon

Inspired by our sweet 9 year old golden, Nuala

2 Dog Paws Outline Icon Animal Vector

Inspired by our sweet red heeler mix, Shyla

for when you run ​out of counter ​space for your ​plants

Botanical Sketches
Botanical Sketches

Special bedroom shelf request

Special dining room shelves request

Bike Line Art

In town deliveries

Custom piece for a few ​beautiful musician ​friends that have been in ​my life for 15 years


Most snowflakes aren't giant. They are typically ​between .02 and .5 inches wide. However, snowflakes ​can get pretty big. The Guinness World Record ​recorded a snowflake that was 15 inches wide in ​Montana in January 1887.

Due to the way they are structured, you could fold a ​snowflake in half, and the two sides would nearly ​match. That's why you always create a paper snowflake ​by folding the paper first.

Pine Trees

Some more White Spruce seedlings ready for spring

1 item sold = 1 tree planted

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